Deadly Videos and YouTube are Bad for Children and Teens

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YouTube YouTube is a website that was made to entertain the public when they have nothing else to do. Teens and most likely children are learning they shouldn’t be learning. Kids are learning about narcissism, violence, and how people are making money off of their videos
All types of people make videos to try and gain fame. The author explains that, “People make fun of themselves so they can get a lot of likes on their videos, so they can be popular on the internet (Soll 2).” The author is explaining to us that that people make fools of themselves to become more popular on the internet. He author states, “They get injured making these videos just so they can become internet sensations, but to get there they hurt themselves (Soll 1).” The author says teens should not be hesitant on becoming famous instead they should pay attention to their lives and what’s coming ahead. People should not hurt themselves for reasons that are not important to their lives like becoming famous. Therefore, this leads to stardom and how kids want to become stars off videos like 20 year old singer Justin Bieber. The author states that, “Parents pay a large amount of money that most of the times goes to waste because their kids never get discovered (Soll 1).” The author is telling us that the parents shouldn’t pay so much money for useless things like making videos. In the article “How to be a Star on YouTube” the author observes, “They imitate and lip sync songs that other singers sing

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