Deaf Lip Reading

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After taking two years of Sign Language, it is an absolute eye opener into the deaf world. Being deaf would be an amazing experience! Without being able to hear, a person would not hear all the noise pollution in the world. Cars driving by a house can be loud, a mall could be loud, and people doing construction down the street from a home can be loud. Being on a cramped plane with smelly chatty people and whiny babies, would be a whole lot better without having to hear everything going on. With all these obnoxious noises in the world, having no hearing would make the world seem peaceful. Many people who are deaf become good at lip reading people who cannot sign or do not know how to communicate with a deaf person very well. Reading lips is a handy trait because you can find out people’s secrets. Lip reading would be an especially good trait for police to have, when possibly trying to pick a terrorist out of a crowd who may very well be explaining his plan or passing information onto an accomplice. Most deaf people know sign language, a beautiful language, along with great hand coordination. Signing, believe it or not, uses a lot of hand strength. Fingerspelling can make a person’s hand tired…show more content…
Going for a walk in the woods would be very peaceful and relaxing, for a deaf or blind person. Being deaf and going for a walk in the woods would help a person take in all the enhanced beautiful colors around them, the feeling of the plants, and the smell of fresh air. For a blind person there would be enhanced sounds of nature, feeling of plants and insects, and the smell of clean oxygen. Being blind or deaf can have many advantages or disadvantages, but depending on a person’s point of view they will see it as a completely awful situation, or a completely amazing situation. There is always a way to look at the positives and these are just some of the great advantages to having unique
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