Deaf Reflection Essay

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Before starting this class, I had no prior knowledge of anything regarding the deaf community. I wanted to learn more about the culture and learn to converse in sign language because it was going to benefit me in the long run. However, I’ve never been able to not hear before or had my hearing altered or manipulated before. I’ve never been in complete silence trying to communicate. I’ve never had to try and decipher what someone is trying to say to me without some form of verbal communication. Once I came into the class and we did some activities, I was shocked with some of my reactions.
Before I took the “American Deaf Culture Quiz”, I skimmed it and tried to see if there were any questions that I knew the answers to. Overall, I didn’t do quite so bad, I only missed a handful of questions, which I’m surprised in a good way because I don’t really know anything about the deaf culture. Originally going through the quiz, I answered each question with my best guess and when we went over the quiz, I was shocked with some of the answers to the questions, more so some of the questions I had gotten wrong. I was most surprised with the statistics of how many members of the deaf community marry each other. I was also surprised at the fact that it is okay to walk through two deaf people conversing with each other instead of finding another path. I thought that was also interesting. I learned a lot from the quiz in the few minutes I took it and the little bit of time the class took to

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