Dear Master Teacher Of The Year Selection Committee

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Dear Master Teacher of the Year Selection Committee,

Earlier this year, Dodge City Schools requested recommendations for their nomination of the Master Teacher of the Year honor. Immediately my mind riveted on one outstanding instructor, Laura Woolfolk. Laura is a colleague of mine in the English Department at Dodge City High School, and I often say that one of my goals in life is to become her. While that may sound somewhat flippant, to those who know Laura, they know that task is monumental and unachievable. Laura is all things good. In life. In community. In school. In person. For those reasons, it is an honor to work alongside her on a daily basis, and it is more than deserving that she receives our school’s nomination for the Master Teacher of the Year.

Laura Woolfolk is a wife of 37 years, a mother of three, a grandmother of two, and a friend to an untold number of people. Her positive outlook and the joy she brings others is undeniable. Her life has been dedicated to those around her. And, in doing so, she has made those around her much, much richer. Her upbringing and faith have insured that she is truly a beacon of friendliness and optimism.

Laura is active in the community. She actively participates in fundraisers and volunteers for the Ford County Humane Society. She has organized bell ringing, students and teachers alike, for the Salvation Army during the Christmas holiday. She has assisted in organizing fundraisers for the Dodge City Youth

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