Death Comes As The End Captured The Misery And Fear Of This Situation

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Imagine watching everyone you love die around you, knowing your turn may come soon. Agatha Christie’s fictional novel Death Comes as the End captured the misery and fear of this situation by relaying the story of Renisenb and her struggle to stay true to her identity. Throughout the story, Christie incorporated imagery, themes, and symbolism in order to enhance the plot.

First, imagery captivates readers by painting images in their minds so they can better imagine the scenes and will have an easier time relating to the story. For example, “[I]t was a cobra. Catching up a heavy staff Sobek attacked it furiously. A well-directed blow broke its back, but Sobek continued to strike it, his head thrown back, his eyes sparkling” (50). This example of imagery appeals to the reader’s sense of sight and adds to the overall experience of the novel by establishing a frightening mood. Moreover, imagery in this situation makes the reader feel as if they are standing next to Sobek, drawing them into the story. Additionally, Christie wrote, “Nofret lay with her face upturned, her body broken and twisted. Her eyes were open and sightless” (75). This shows imagery sparks the reader’s imagination and prompts them to visualize being in Renisenb’s shoes, staring at the dead body of a beautiful concubine. Likewise, this horrific scene stimulates varying emotional responses from the reader, ensuring they are a part of the story. In summation, imagery increases reader’s interest in the

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