Death In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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1.Shakespeare uses the image of the death in this particular scene to foreshadow the predicted death of Romeo and Juliet. “Hadst thou no poison mixed.No sharp-ground knife” this quotation illustrates that Romeo and Juliet die from Poison and a knife, which we know as a audience from the prologue. The use of dramatic irony makes the audience feel involved with the story and makes us react more emotionally, as we can’t aid the characters. In addition, the use of the element of religion emphasizes Romeo’s overwhelming love for Juliet. As he says “ Heaven is here” inferring that Romeo considers heaven as a place where Juliet lives.In reference to this scene, its shows how Romeo is heartbroken to find out that he is banished and is required to stay…show more content…
Shakespeare uses light references to present their passionate love towards each other such as “o she doth the torches to burn brighter” which infers that Juliet’s beauty outshines the torches that light the party. As on the other hand, Shakespeare uses images of darkness to symbolizes the negative aspects of their love. The use of dark image reminds the audience that it is a doomed relationship because they are” star-crossed lovers”. Furthermore, because their relationship is kept as a secret, they can only be together when “night’s cloak to hide”. Even though, a dark setting portrays the romance but also implies that their relationship must stay hidden as their union is heavily forbidden. There is a constant conflict between light and dark images.But Romeo and Juliet’s conversations are also full of images of angels,saints and gods “My lips, two blushing pilgrims,ready stand”. These images could show that their love is pure and innocent and approved by god. However, it can also emphasize their powerful love, as they don’t only love each other, but also worships each other. For a Shakespearean audience this could be seen as dangerous and sinful- as you weren’t supposed to worship anyone except
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