Death Is The End Of Death

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There Is Nothing To Fear In Death. Everybody will die at some point. I know death is coming and there is nothing to fear about it because I believe that there is nothing about it on the other side to be afraid of. I was content, perfectly, to be precise before I was born and I believe it will be the same state even with death. In this essay, I will talk try to talk about why there is nothing to be afraid of in death. It is evident that death cannot be experienced, in the physical form. This is because by definition, death is the end of all physical experience. Therefore, there is no reason to have fear for something you will not experience. According to Ruch 2012, in the event of a physical death and the spiritual plane exists, then we would suppose that there would be a spiritual sense of freedom which one should not be afraid of either. John Donne says to death not to be proud. As much as it appears dreadful and mighty, in reality death is powerless. Most Christians view death as a gateway to a new life. Actually, they view it as a better life of no sorrows but happiness and plenty of it. We should therefore not view death as the end but as a great new beginning. We should view death as a form of sleep that will come to an end with an awakening to an unending consciousness of oneself. Even if this expectation did not exist, some of us would take comfort in the thought that one’s energy, in the least, would remain as part of the universe at large. Spinoza and Aristotle hold

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