Death Of Dr. Futurity By Philip K. Dick

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Modern society silences discussion of death, forbids the topic of death and dying in everyday conversation, and excludes and isolates the dead and dying to the physical and symbolic outer regions and limits of society” (Barry 311). In modern day society we favour life over death but, we get a new outlook on things through the eyes of a respected fictional writer. The theme of death in Dr. Futurity, a novel written by Philip K. Dick, is incorporated throughout the whole story and without it the story would lack complexity.
Parsons is set in a society where healing is illegal. Everything Parsons knew is taken from him. Parsons thought, “a doctor will always be needed” (Dick 5), as he believed that wherever he was in time, a healer would be required, but he was wrong. When he arrives in 2405 he is shown that death is valued in society, and his skill no longer has any use. The value of death in the society of 2405 is a crucial element of the story. The new value adds a dynamic and strong basis for the story to play off of.
In modern society views on death are similar to in Parsons society, 2010. In today’s society we look at death in fear, with the help of social media of course. “Instead of a healthy collective discussion about how to give life meaning, and how to mark its passing, we have an increasingly morbid fascination with the physical process of dying”(Jenkins 2015). Media takes a twist on death showing the endless and gruesome possibilities that it holds. It creates…
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