Death In Dr. Futurity

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Modern society silences discussion of death, forbids the topic of death and dying in everyday conversation, and excludes and isolates the dead and dying to the physical and symbolic outer regions and limits of society” (Barry 311). In modern day society we favour life over death but, we get a new outlook on things through the eyes of a respected fictional writer. The theme of death in Dr. Futurity, a novel written by Philip K. Dick, is incorporated throughout the whole story and without it the story would lack complexity.
Parsons is set in a society where healing is illegal. Everything Parsons knew is taken from him. Parsons thought, “a doctor will always be needed” (Dick 5), as he believed that wherever he was in time, a healer would be …show more content…

Even an infirm person with no recollection of their surroundings is hung onto until death takes over. With our society’s disposition of death, it is easy to see that we value life. The value of life over death is not the case is Dicks’ novel Dr. Futurity.
In the year 2045 Parson encounters a society that values death over life. He realizes this when he healed a girl named Icara, who later took her own life because healing was against hers and societies values. Stenog the director of the tribes of the new society explains their disgust against healing, “it demonstrates the almost infinite variety of cultural formations. That a whole society could exist oriented around such drives seems to us beyond belief” (Dick 33). The society of the tribes sees death as a new life because when one person dies another is born through their controlled population. “They do not encourage life in the same way as they encourage death. They limit birth, for instance, to achieve a static population” (Dick 73).This makes the theme more interesting to viewers, it can allow people to look at death in a new light.
Shupos are children in Dr. Futurity that contribute to the theme of death. “The shupo organization maintains youth hostels and schools set apart from society, operated in the Spartan manner” (Dick 37). The Shupos are a tactic to control the population to what is desired. Anyone not regulating rules can be

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