Death Penalty: Time for Change Essay

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Once a popular punishment for crime has now become one of the most controversial forms of punishment. The death penalty has been abolished in most civilized nations around the world and states in America are now reanalyzing this method of punishment. There are many critics of the death penalty that find this practice of punishment barbaric and uncivilized. There are however, many that still hold that the biblical verse of Exodus 21:23-24 “But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,” as principle (Bible Gateway, 2014). Supporters of the death penalty believe that for the ultimate crime, you must pay the ultimate price. But at what cost does the rest of the community pay and just what if the justice system gets it wrong? What if the ultimate price is paid for by the wrong person? The death penalty has been in existence since the dawn of man; isn’t it time that we reevaluate this ancient form of punishment? The death penalty should be abolished.
Since 1846, nineteen states of the United States have abolished the death penalty completely (History of the Death Penalty, 2014). There are several reasons stated as to why the states are re-evaluating the death penalty. Some states are recognizing the cost of the death penalty, specifically, the State of Maryland in which the governor has voiced her support to abolish the death penalty and redirect a portion of the funds that would be saved to…

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