Death by Suicide in Poems by Robert Frost Essay

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The concept of suicide has been very controversial in literature since the art of writing has been around. Many poets use everyday happenings to convey the despair and grief in their lives. One poet to use the nature around him and every day life to depict the hopelessness of life and the idea of suicide was Robert Frost. His poetry presented suicide in a different light than many other authors'. Frost's characters, while contemplating suicide, usually realized eventually that their lives were worth living. In the poems "Acquainted with the Night" and "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening", frost depicts characters that are contemplating suicide. In these poems Frost uses much imagery to convey his character's feelings, uses symbolism…show more content…
This alliteration also slows down the rhythm of the poem that helps the reader hear the silence when the man stops walking. Even as the man looks at the moon, which keeps him from committing suicide, the moon reinforces the man's isolation. The moon (one luminary clock) which keeps the time and is a witness to the man's life is thousands of miles away, looking at him from afar and is only a distant reminder that it is not his time to die. The man in "Stopping by the Woods On a Snowy Evening" is quite different from the man in "Acquainted with the night" because this man is not depressed. One doesn't get a sense of despair from this man, but rather a sense of resignation to his duties at home. He would love to stay and be at peace in the woods (possibly signifying the afterlife), while the man in "Acquainted" is just so lonely and forgotten that he does not want to live any longer. However, the two men are also similar in that they have both isolated themselves from the world. The man is in the woods alone, miles from the village on the darkest day of the year. His horse even notices that he has isolated them from everything. The man from "Acquainted" however is isolated because he believes no one cares for him and this is why he wants to commit suicide. In this poem, the theme of suicide immediately presents itself in the snow. The first image of the snow blanketing the woods, (the death shroud), invokes
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