Death of a Salesman vs Hamlet: Tragic Heroes "The Essence of Fragile Dreams"

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The Essence of Fragile Dreams Success, although defining different perspectives, depicts a state of mind each human dreams of obtaining before the end of their time. If the task displays immoral actions, however, a different form of success requires acknowledgement just as equally as a task that demonstrates acceptance and heroic deeds. Therefore, every person contains characteristics that describe that of a hero, do they not? Each human has endured hardship and suffering. Each human mind composes itself of superior and appalling traits. Each human mind invents a hero as someone they could not measure up to, no matter how much they hope and dream. In the plays “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, and “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur…show more content…
He becomes so caught up in his life on the exterior, he fails to accomplish something numerous people in the world fail as well: self-knowledge. At the same time, Willy never attempts to do anything to assist in the situation, he buries himself in the past, causing a mental illness that includes delusions of happier times. He refuses to accept reality. Similarly to Hamlet, Arthur Miller's viewpoint of a hero relates to Willy as well. Willy represents a common misfortune that several human beings face in the world, and before he has the ability to fix it, he turns the other cheek and commits suicide; for the final time, an easy way out. When comparing Hamlet and Willy Loman as tragic heroes based on their characteristics, they have several qualities in common. For instance, both fail in their endeavors in the pursuit of their unattainable dreams, and the ones they each love do more harm than good. In Hamlet, Ophelia and his mother, Gertrude both act as hindrances from his mission of revenge. In Death of a Salesman, Willy's wife Linda reassures him with constant compliments such as "you're the best looking man in the world," when appearance cannot determine success, nor the kind he hopes for. Therefore, both men in the plays fail like a common man. They cannot handle the struggle and guilt that they face, although in order to achieve what they want, they must search through buried treasure and come out with nothing but the gold. In spite of their flaws, each

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