Deceit by the Freemasons

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One of the most controversial topics that seems interesting and occurs now on Earth is that people are being exploited and deceived. Earth is being assaulted and destructed day after day by one organization. The organization was created in 1717. They do not pray only for the father of Hebrew Scriptures, they worship the old gods of old mysteries. They believe that god was human and have created Jesus (Keohane, n.d). They were planning on achieving their goals. One of their goals is "to dominate the whole world by forming one government and to put the whole blame on the Jews in order that people will fall into the trap of following the Brotherhood" Moreover, they're aiming to take on or conquer the temple mount in Jerusalem, reconstruct it, then start what their work on what they are aiming for (Levin, n.d). It was introduced first in North America but its origins scheme was in England (Stewart, n.d). In addition, it was introduced by the liberal, and planned to vanish the flourishing Romanian lodges (Clark, 2012). This organization is called Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that traces its origins to the local communities of stonemasons. "Freemasonry isn’t a religion, but when you read about it you'll find information from people who oppose masonry because they believe it’s a religion"(Fannin, n.d), all men of religion is accepted but they must believe in Deity. It’s also a structure of Christianity, and a principle of faith (Hall, n.d). Freemasonry was

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