Deception By William Shakespeare 's Play

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In William Shakespeare 's play 1 Henry IV, deception is a recurring theme. Main characters King Henry IV, Hotspur and Prince Hal deceived people to benefit themselves. Were these characters deceiving their subordinates to gain power or were their choices and actions political strategy geared toward gaining honor and maintaining the well-being of the nation? All three main characters deceive people to gain power which can be seen as an act of malice and disloyalty but also as a political strategy. King Henry deceives King Richard II into believing that he is on his side while he is secretly planning a rebellion, Hotspur does the same to King Henry by deceiving him into thinking that he is on his side while also secretly planning a rebellion and Prince Hal deceives the kingdom’s people into thinking he is this wild child so they will be more impressed with him when he becomes the mature prince and adequate potential leader he was expected to be all along. All of this deception brings up the question, do the characters use deception purely for their own benefit or for the benefit of the greater good? Shakespeare 's use of deception for power shows these three characters true intentions, for King Henry IV deception is used to gain power to benefit the kingdom while on the other hand, for Hotspur deception is used to gain power for his own benefit and the benefit of his family while in Prince Hal’s complicated case, deception is used both for his own benefit and ultimately the…
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