Deception In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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When it comes to one’s dreams and aspirations, it’s commonly agreed on that following your dreams is something that most people should strive to do. After all, how would one stay motivated if they didn’t have anything to work towards? Yet, in some cases, having too much determination to accomplish your goals can end up having a negative effect. In any case, nothing handles this idea quite like Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. In the novel, a young sailor named Edmond Dantes is framed by three men that all want something that Edmond holds. One of these men is the up and coming prosecutor, Villefort, who has Dantes imprisoned for life. These unjust actions bestowed upon Edmond begin his thirst for revenge, and eventually, he finds his revenge quite well. Unfortunately, Edmond ends up destroying innocent lives and the last part of his innocence in the process of getting that aforementioned vengeance. The only other thing that Edmond gets other than his revenge is the knowledge that having the undying determination to see your dreams come to fruition can be quite disastrous to yourself and others.

After Edmond comes to see that his imprisonment was due to
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Far too often, humans don’t consider the consequences of their actions, and whether this is due to the fact that we have power or wealth or we simply just don’t care, because we’re determined to get something done, we as a species should always consider what the outcome of our actions are going to be. Perhaps if we did so more often, we would have the problems that we’ve accumulated over the years, like deforestation and pollution. So, as humans progress further, there is one important question that we must ask ourselves, is our determination in doing something justified, and will our actions have a positive
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