Declaration Of Independence And Its Effects On Society

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Declaration of Independence had given America a new life, the Constitution would ensure that life would carry on and that the new nation would safely sail into the future. When discussing classist societies in his Manual de Teoría del Estado y el Derecho, Marchenko argues that the political system of a society, just like the State and the Law it upholds, are classist phenomena. Political systems are born and work only at the hands of class societies, and just like society itself, they are able to change and develop with time. The more a classist society evolves and transforms into a classless society, the political system of such society, as a class phenomenon, gradually becomes extinct, giving place to a new era of social freedoms. Political systems are complex and multifaceted phenomena which are linked to other political occurrences and social issues which take place in society. Social theorists have historically linked society with the State, and usually identify the State with the society it rules, with its people, the territory it covers, or with power. Baruch Spinoza defined power as the domination held over human character. It was his belief that every individual has a natural right, and that this right includes everything the individual desires and is able to achieve. Thus, the natural right of the individual equals his own power or strength within society. However, it is this society the one that grants the individual his natural rights. Without society or

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