Deer Overpopulation and Some Proposed Solutions Essay

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Deer Overpopulation and Some Proposed Solutions

When people talk about deer, they are commonly talking about the North American Whitetail. That is because they are so prevalent in this country. They can be found in every state in the US. The only place where you will not find any whitetails is in parts of Arizona and California. In most states the whitetail is very prevalent, especially in the northeast. They are one of the most hunted animals in this area, particularly in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Despite the amount they are hunted, both in and out of season, you can not drive more than a few miles out of the towns without seeing one that was hit by a car. The deer population in this area just keeps growing. It is unclear what …show more content…

People often think that deer are the kind of animal that will try to avoid humans, staying as far away from us as possible. Although the deer are often afraid of humans, they do not always do well in the deep forest setting. The deer are not like most animals that are found in the forest; they actually do very well in a relatively rural setting. Unlike the grizzly bear which prefers to be alone, and really can not survive with humans, the deer has survived and is growing in numbers because of the human. Although the food is generally unwillingly taken, man has been feeding the deer for years. Deer love to eat farmers’ crops, vegetable gardens, and any landscaping flowers they can find. Not only has man been feeding the deer, but we have also eliminated almost all of their predators. The population of wolves and coyotes are gone in most regions. Hunting is strictly controlled by officials, and cannot really guarantee anything as far as population control. Therefore, there is no good way to control the population.

In the northeast area, the deer population is especially high. Because they are now so heavily populated, they are starting to cause more and more problems. Crop damage, which is when a farmer loses a substantial amount of crops, is growing with the deer population. This is a huge problem for the farmers because they are losing a lot of money by feeding the deer. With the rising population,

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