Defense of Socrates

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Apology: Defence Of Socrates
By: Gregory Klima

Apology Defense Of Socrates
Plato 's The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with the following
1) Not recognizing the gods recognized by the state
2) Corrupting the youth of Athens For the most part, Socrates spoke in a very plain, conversational manner, as one would speak to a friend or lecture a child. He explained that he has no experience with courts and demeanor that comes with , he states that he will instead speak in the manner to which he is accustomed: with honesty and directness. He explains that his behavior is from a prophecy by the oracle at Delphi, which claimed that he was the wisest of all men, one that he was
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The second charge is corrupting the youth of Athens, a very serious charge that parents to this day have similar feelings about. I found it very easy to relate this to two things, violent television, and the Hitler youth rally’s in Nazi Germany in the late 1930 's to early 1940 's. It is easy to see why things that our children our exposed to daily on television, might think that those things are okay and are the norm, it was the same for the youth in Germany. If everyone around me is doing it, can it really be wrong? Obviously I cannot say that Jersey Shore is as destructive as Hitler, although it seems close at times, but they are both great examples of what can happen when youth is lead astray and is not being watched and shown right from wrong. This is the fear that the court had against Socrates and is why they were so adamant in taking care of it as soon as possible and was handled as a very serious matter. This comes to a very important and very famous part of the argument, the oracle at Delphi. The Delphic oracle proclaimed that Socrates was the wisest of men because he knows that he knows nothing, which no doubt led Socrates to having an ironic standing when evaluating his own knowledge and intellect. After explaining the story of what the oracle told him and what happened after, he then resorts to explaining how he does not want to seem boastful, but that
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