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Main question of the Dialogue
The main question of this dialogue is the definition of the word holy or piety. Euthyphro brags that he is more knowledgeable than his father on matters relating to religion. In this case, Socrates suggests to Euthyphro to define that term. The first definition fails to satisfy Socrates because of its limitation in application. Apparently, Socrates perceives this definition as an example rather than a definition. Subsequent arguments and line of questioning lead to five sets of definitions that are refined to find the general definition. Socrates expects that the acceptable general definition of the question will act as a reference point in his defense.
Problems with Euthyphro’s initial definition
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In this case, the argument would imply that the justification is both holy and unholy, which is rationally impractical.
What Socrates uses to Combat Euthyphro’s Conceptions of holiness
At the core of Socrates’ argument is the need to break down the definition of holiness into smaller coherent characteristics. Socrates uses a series of question that are consistent with Euthyphro’s argument to ensure that he [Euthyphro] offers a consistent flow of definitions of the word holy.
Euthyphro accepts these ideas because he offers different definitions that are in line with the clarified ideations. Socrates uses basic philosophical question “What is holy?” , which leads to a myriad of definitions with different characteristics. Euthyphro sums up all these characteristics in the final definition.
Euthyphro’s problem is that he is trying to show his prowess among social and philosophical elite by proving his father to be impious. His ego coupled with his father’s flattery obscures Euthyphro from developing concrete definitions.
Deeper (Philosophical) Point of ‘Justice’
Socrates point on justice is that everything that is termed just ought to be entirely holy. On the other hand, not everything that is deemed holy is just. However, the term just is used interchangeably with the term morally good. I think Socrates point is to find enough proof to support any premise beyond reasonable doubt.
Significance of the abrupt

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