Definition Essay Of Beauty

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Beauty: A combination of qualities, such as shape,color,or form that pleases the aesthetic senses especially in women. This definition explains that beauty can come in all different shapes and sizes which should normally be true that everyone should love themselves just as they are, but that is not the case in this day and age. Most of society feels that women should look a certain way so that people can find them “conventionally” attractive. This belief has been brought about with models in magazines and on the internet which people think are the standards for how someone should dress and how someone should look.Which drives a lot of women to have self esteem issues because they feel like they cannot live up to the standard of those people and they feel that they are …show more content…

Society finally needs to realize that beauty comes in all different looks and styles. Since most girls think that they should change themselves just to make sure they are liked by people and not judged is a completely wrong way to justify things because that is not who they really are in the end. Most young girls are very impressionable for their age and they follow what they see in many different forms of media that they can get their hands on, and in this day and age, since they have the internet, many of them want to imitate what they hear to improve themselves because that is what they hear will make people look at them. This creates a rift for young girls attempting to be these airbrushed people, not to mention that studies often show that the bias of beauty operates in almost all social situation be it school, work or pretty much anywhere you go. This shows that modern society has been conditioned to believe that females who look and act a certain way are the prime examples of what femininity should look

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