Dejah Memoris 1 Summary

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Writer Frank J. Barbiere (The Howling Commandos of SHIELD, The Precinct) along with Artist Francesco Manna take a crack at John Carter of Mars better half in DEJAH THORIS #1. Dejahs has popped up in other Dynamite reads, most recently the excellent Swords of Sorrow saga. (I recommend buying the complete saga. It's on stands now). But I don't believe she's ever had a tale of her own. Probably should check nexus lexus to be safe. Anyways, it's long over due... Burroughs Barsoom is such a rich place to explore. It's space Shakespeare almost, big characters, high emotions, violence...what's not to love. It's the perfect place to set a story of a political and military coup. Essentially, that's the plot of DEJAH THORIS #1. DEJAH's father,

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