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Why Routine Dental X-Rays Are Essential

Thanks to a vast array of specialised equipment like dental intra-oral cameras, mouth mirrors and magnification, your dentist or hygienist can see a lot of detail inside your mouth quite clearly. Yet there are many parts of your mouth which are invisible.

Some of the hidden areas inside your mouth are under fillings, between the teeth, the area deep inside tooth grooves, below the gums and inside the jawbone. These areas are not visible in any way and can't be examined using magnification, light or probing.

In order to properly inspect these areas, the dentist or hygienist uses dental x-rays. These can be helpful in revealing quite a lot of information about the hidden areas of your mouth. The dentist is now aware of the extent of …show more content…

Those who have a family history of tooth loss and gum disease need to have regular check-ups done in order to diagnose and monitor their disease. While the dentist and hygienist will examine the gums using a periodontal (gum) probe to record certain details, only with xrays will they have a complete picture of the status of the gums and the progression of the gum disease.

Professional Dental Associations have established the convention to take x-rays once every two years or even more often if a patient's dental history suggests they are experiencing a high rate of decay or gum disease. Some x-rays like the 'panoramic film' are taken only once in 3 to 5 years- these monitor teeth development and eruption (important for orthodontics), the presence and amount of impaction of wisdom teeth, and the presence of pathology within the jaw bones.

Dental x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool that your dentist and hygienist will recommend for people of all ages. If you have any questions about the use of dental x-rays, or the frequency of their use, be sure to ask any member of your dental team.

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