Depictions of African Americans in Movies

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For many years, African Americans have been depicted as ghetto, ignorant, violent and many times relentless. Though they have been shown in these ways, there are some times when they are shown to be responsible, creative, hard working and intelligent. These variables make me think about what the media could be trying to convey. My first example of the depiction of African Americans is in the movie, “To Kill A Mocking bird”, which was based on a book. The name of one the African American characters is Tom Robinson. He was shown as illiterate, but honest and innocent. In the movie he was put on trial for a crime he did not commit. Though he was able to prove that' he did not commit the crime, he was still executed. It showed that back then you could be honest and still would have been wrongfully accused, because it was a time of social unrest and extreme racism. It also depicted the fact even though there were more blacks that may have lived in the community, together they had no power or enough influence in the scope of racism in this society. The Television series “Roots” is a cult classic regarding slavery in America. It started by showing hop people came to America and the suffering they went through before they went to the slave trade. It showed the plight of many families in several generations. It depicted black people as loyal, considerate, cunning, deceitful, loving, caring, violent, and successful. These descriptions showed every facet of emotion in African

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