Depression Is Not A Great Thing

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Depression is Not a Great Thing Depression, a serious epidemic in the nation, is a sickness that makes one feel sad or upset throughout the course of their daily lives. This illness called depression affects many people’s lives, does it not? This is here to analyze and explore how depression is one of many serious factors in society, why it’s important to know about, how it affects people, and what ways there are to help them. Depression, the most common form of mental illness known has taken over a quarter of the American population, ranging from teenagers to adults, it’s highly different from regular sadness which just goes through everyday life, and if left untreated, it could last a lifetime with people diagnosed and may never…show more content…
“Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs”.) Though, these specific symptoms vary from person to person. Those with depression, their illness do tend to get in the way in daily life, both for them and their families. Additionally, there is help and medications that can help a person cope with their illness. “The first step to getting appropriate treatment is to visit a doctor or a mental health specialist.”(National Institute of Mental Health. Depression.) As said before, there are medicines for depression and here’s some antidepressants to name a few, such as SSRIs, TCAs , Tetracyclics, Dopamine Reuptake Blocker, and MAOIs. If medicines don’t provide much help, then one can go to a mental health specialist as the next step for treatment. The first priority to check with their therapist is their connection with them. The right therapist for them will be caring and supportive. There is also talk therapy provided. It gives the depressed patient skills to prevent their illness from coming back. These treatments are available for anyone suffering from depression but most likely, the majority of people diagnosed won’t seek help. Even with
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