Desalination : The Primary Source Of Drinking Water Essay

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Desalination Lyndsey Parnell Mrs. O’Sullivan English III 2 March 2016 Lyndsey Parnell Mrs. O’Sullivan English III 2 March 2016 Desalination Imagine a world where seawater is the primary source of drinking water for almost all countries. This water could provide towns and cities with safe, regulation-abiding nourishment, equipped with all the minerals and purifiers added to modern drinking water. Of course, drinking straight seawater day after day would not only taste unpleasant, it would be harmful to a person’s body. The briny mixture would have to be filtered and treated in processes similar to how wastewater is treated. But wastewater does not contain nearly as much saline as seawater, so an additional process must be put into place to fully treat seawater that is to be turned into safe drinking water. This process is called desalination, and it is already being put into practice in several different areas around the world. It has helped pull countries out of droughts and other natural disasters. Desalination is not flawless, however, and more research on cost, environmental impacts, and energy efficiency, needs to be conducted before considering it a sustainable drinking water system that the entire world can rely on. As mentioned previously, desalination is the process in which salt is removed from water (DVS Marketing).While this process sounds fairly modern, it is not a new technology: the first official use was in 1791; this was shared in a technical
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