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Descartes 1. In the Discourse on the Method, Descartes laments that as a young man he was forced to conclude at the end of all his studies that “there was no doctrine [i.e., teaching or body of knowledge] in the world that was of the sort that I had previously been led to hope for.” In your essay, I would like you to discuss the nature of the body of knowledge he was looking for a s well as the place of the cogito (that is, the utterance “I think, therefore I am”) in it. You may discuss his criticism of the learning of the time, but do not spill much ink over it; the focus of your paper should be on the new science he is seeking, not the old. Rene Descartes is considered by many to be the father of modern philosophy. His new …show more content…

He decided to pretend that all he had previously learned is false and start all over by rebuilding his knowledge from the ground up. This is were he developed “the method.” The rules of the method were to reject everything that you believe to be true unless you know with absolute certainty it is true. The second rule dealt with solving complicated problems. He discovered that you needed breakdown complicated problems into smaller problems to solve them. Thirdly, Descartes figured that the best way to learn about big things that were hard to analyze would be to look for similar, smaller things and attempt to understand them. By this I mean if you want to learn about larger things start small and work your way up. The final rule in Descartes method was to go over calculations again and again to be very thorough. The first rule was a very radical rule. It knocked down the “old house of philosophy in order to build a new one over from the foundation. Descartes was in search of the truth. He realized that the principle of his new philosophy could in no way be doubted. Instead of going through all of ideas and theorems to find an indubitable piece of knowledge he boiled everything down to three things. Descartes decided that if these bases could ever be a source of error then we should not look any farther into what these three things lead up to because their base was a possible source of

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