Descartes Meditations

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In Descartes’ Meditations, he is making a systematic attempt to find a necessary truth; that is, a truth that cannot be false. The purpose in finding this necessary truth is not only for self-affirmation, but to create something certain and undeniable in the sciences. He aims to acquire this truth through the extensive examination of the distinction of the human soul, the body, and the existence of God.
In his first meditation, Descartes’ raises what could be called into doubt. His way of finding a stable truth is to demolish everything that he once knew to be true, as well as the foundational method in which he formed such truths. To start this demolition and carry out his purpose, Descartes plans to doubt everything; or rather, he plans …show more content…

The initial purpose of this reformation was to change, or reconstruct, the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The start of the Reformation in Europe is credited to a German Augustinian monk named Martin Luther. In 1517, Luther posted 95 theses on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. These theses challenged the authority of the church by arguing that it is the scriptures that possess authority, therefore concluding that the interpretations of the church were just opinions. Thus, everyone set out to find a new truth, not an opinion. Hence, these influence on Descartes in his Meditation I to find an absolute truth away from the “opinions”. However, the problem that was raised by this Reformation was by what notion, or way, does one determine what is necessarily true? Descartes finds his deciding method of what the truth is through Foundationalism and Metaphysics; or through the justification of knowledge and the transcendental principles of …show more content…

I also find it to be true that if something has been false, or deceived, at one point (suggested towards the senses) than it cannot be necessarily true; it is contingent, because it contains variables that depend on something else in order to be true. However, the omnipotent God of the first Meditation is at this point unclear, and while it makes sense to put the “omnipotent God” aside and suggest that it is for now a deceiving power, this strategy is slightly interfering with the consistency, or clear presentation, of the

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