Descartes 's Meditations, Descartes Essay

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Carisa Lopez
Philosophy 1010 Sec. 4
November 16, 2016
Essay 3: Prompt 1 Though unstated throughout his meditations, Descartes primary goal in the Meditations is to lay a strong foundation for the mathematical science that is emerging during his lifetime. There are two Aristotelian doctrines that Descartes wants to reject, the first which is final causation. The second is qualitative science, because Descartes tends to favor quantitative science over final causation. In Descartes’s first meditation his method of doubt is seen clearly since he knows that he believes same false things, but he doesn’t know which of his beliefs are fake.. Descartes is in search of something that cannot be doubted to serve as a secure foundation or knowledge, and we cannot doubt all our beliefs one by one. In the first meditation Descartes attacks the foundations of his knowledge, but slowly he’s foundations will fall. Descartes has three foundations in which he will challenge, the first which challenges his perceptual illusion, the second which is the dreaming state, and the third, which is the evil demon. In the first stage of doubt, Descartes attacks the sensory perception, although the senses can fool us, and some things are not often what they are seen for or heard. It is thought that if something fools an individual once, then that individual should not trust it. However some information from the sense can be trusted completely, for example right now, I can not doubt that I am sitting at a

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