Descartes 's Theory Of Love

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Rene Descartes had one ultimate goal, which was to discover the absolute foundation of truth and philosophy, which includes love. Descartes had detected many false beliefs that he, as a youth, believed to be true. It was at this point that he decided to rid himself of all of his previous opinions and knowledge that he had accepted to be truths, based on the fact that he could find doubt in them. He then concluded that if you construct something on false beliefs then everything becomes doubtful. In his journey for truth, Descartes used the idea of methodological doubt to slowly deconstruct his knowledge. Descartes uses the process of methodological doubt as the idea that if you doubt something in the slightest, then you should reject it as a whole. This method, as well as the four rules for finding true/ valid opinions, will be used to dissect Diotima’s speech on the theory of love, specifically the ladder of love, and how it came about in the Symposium by Plato.
It was Socrates who retold Diotima’s speech, the only viewpoint from a woman throughout the novel, at the Symposium. Diotima begins her speech by stating that love is a desire and lovers, love what is good forever. Diotima proposes that in order to pursue love, you must impregnate the mind. Diotima acknowledges that both men and women can be impregnated either within the body or within the soul. Reproduction is only recognized as beautiful it is as an immortal process that occurs forever. Love wants

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