Describe How Each Of The Following Native Populations, And Diverse Environments

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1. Describe how each of the following native populations created distinct and complex societies by adapting to and transforming their diverse environments. A. American Southwest The people on this land were called the Anasazi. They developed an area called Chaco canyon. This was built of logs and adobe. But after a long drought, the Anasazi abandoned Chaco Canyon. Then the decedents of the Anasazi were the ones who built the cliff dwellings. B. Great Basin The great basin had a land of great environmental diversity. The people who inhabited there were gather’s and farmers they would move often to find fertile land so their crops could grow. When the land is not as fertile, that is when the people of the great basin decide to pick up and move because their agriculture is the main way they can get food. C. Mississippi River Valley One of the most historic areas in the Mississippi River Valley is the area of Cahokia. This area is known for the mounds that were built in this area. This area was also one of the largest settlements. The people in this area tracked the sun and the seasons. Agriculture became possible when the environment began to warm. Then when the little ice age came the agriculture suffered immensely which caused Cahokia to be abandoned in the 1400’s. D. Northwest and present day California One of the tribes that inhabited in northwest and present day California was called the Shasta. The Shasta people lived in towns of hundreds and in clear areas. The Shasta

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