Description Of High Level Design : Adapting And Importance Of Cells

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High Level Design:

A catheter based device to detect the abnormal/diseased atrial tissue substrate. This substrate is usually responsible for maintaining and initiation of atrial fibrillation. The device can comprise of an elongated tube to be placed inside the atria with a detector for detecting the disrupted electrical impulses. This detector could be a sensing electrode with a transducer as a sensor which converts the activity of the tissue substrate into an electric potential which can be easily detected by the ECG. Apart from this there is also the requirement of a signal processor that processes the acquired electrophysiological signal data to identify location of the diseased tissue sites that are responsible for …show more content…

An additional contrast feature to assess fibrosis which is a substrate for arrhythmias can be added. The depth of the lesions can be obtained by collecting diffusely scattered light. Substrate maps can be used to correlate images with the 3D voltage maps. Tracking dynamics can be used to identify pools of blood with the help of a catheter over it to target lesions. A catheter with OCT can be used to get visual spectra and to deliver energy for the burning of tissue once identified correctly.

Major Scientific and Technological Risks:

Scientific risks:

• As with any catheter based device there are the usual risks of infection at the insertion site. Sometimes even bleeding and pain can occur.
• There are chances that the catheter might damage the blood vessels by poking or scraping them.
• It might be problematic for the detector/sensor to be placed at one point and might cause it to move around.
• Inadequate number of lesions poses a problem for the catheter ablation technique.
• There is inadequate understanding of atrial fibrillation causes and treatment which poses a problem to find a cure for it.
• Because this a detection device there are chances of false-positive or false-negative results which needs to be double checked before proceeding with either treatment or non-treatment.

Technological risks:

• Cost: The cost of this device can range from economical to

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