Description Of ' Zehaf Bibeau '

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I’m so powerful. So powerful. This gun, it’s great. And the Government, I hate them! They shall die! This officer behind me, he shall never catch me. The dirt on the sidewalk, thrown off of the sides. Like the Government! They shall be thrown, by me. That fence, i’ll avoid it. The officer, he’s trying to cut me off! Around the corner. Yes, yes! There’s the entrance. The soldiers, they’ll catch me! Lift the gun, i’m so close! That soldier! He’s in the way, move, move! The man behind you, that’s who I want! The Governor! I want him! Dead! Move, move! I’ll shoot over him! My gun, it’s up, ,I shoot, I miss. I missed! No! I missed… I missed… But the soldiers dead.


“The laws are important. We must stick to them!” Objects an official. The debate continues. No smiling. Even if I did, there’s nothing to smile about. I wait patiently for an hour, listening in on the argument, watching the door. Cars quietly pass by. Birds peacefully flying in a V shape. Like soldiers. Well, if you think about it. Lined up, so… nicely. Distant shouts fill the silent air. The debate continues while my hand goes on my gun. “What is it Cirillo?” asks the soldier next to me. I ignore him and raise my gun. Fast footsteps get closer, and closer. Before I knew it, a man appears at the door and the room is filled with gunshots. Pain and then light. I open my eyes to see myself lifted. I stare in horror at my dead, limp body on the floor.


I wake up to

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