Descriptive Essay About A Normal Day

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It was a normal day in 5th grade. I get home by the bus like normal, But instead of seeing my parents I see boxes sitting by the front door. When my mom gets home I ask her why there a boxes and she tells me the worst news ever. Home was not the same, it felt empty and full of sadness.

It was August 8, 2014, just another normal day in 5th grade. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and ready to go home. When the bus driver dropped me off at my house, I got excited and sprinted to my garage. As I opened the door, I realized that my parents were nowhere to be found so I started walking towards the stairs, when I looked to my left I saw boxes sitting by the front door. As my mind was curious, I heard the garage door open to find my mom
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Pop’s drove to Shawnee Mission Park and we went for a long walk around the lake. He explained to us that sometimes things like this happen. He said “mom and I have grown apart over the last 26 years and we are really good friends but we just think it would be better if we didn’t live together anymore.” Of course, it was hard to hear but we understood. We wanted both of them to be happy so we were very supportive. And they were very support of us during this time also.
The actual day Pop’s moved out, we all helped him, even my Mom. We moved stuff and we all helped decorate his new apartment. We hung pictures, and arranged furniture and lamps. We put up dishes and cookware. We were all joking and laughing and having a good time! Then when we left him there by himself for the first time, it was very sad. The car was very quiet, it was like no one was there.And we were all crying to ourselves. It was a rough night so all us girls slept together. A couple of weeks later, my older sister, Delany, moved in with Pops. We decided that we had enough people in the family to spread around so that no one had to be by themselves.
After that, Sadie and I would spend every other week with Pops, so we moved about half of our clothes to Pops apartment. This was way easier than packing clothes every week and forgetting half of what we needed to go to school. We had toothbrushes and hairbrushes and
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