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Travelling around every nook and corner of the emirate of Ajman is no big deal, as this emirate is the smallest in the country. Ajman is centrally located along the western coast of UAE and falls on the gulf coast. A place, where you can enjoy tranquillity combined with fun. What could be more pleasing than this wonderful mix? Visit the emirate of Ajman to keep off the hustle bustle of a busy city life. Discovering places on your feet has its own charm, which is very much possible here in Ajman. Besides, a trip to Ajman would surely not pinch the pocket, which is one of the amazing facts about the emirate. Ajman lies no far from the emirate of Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. All the emirates have great connectivity to each other which is…show more content…
The weather at the beach side is suitable for spending a good time. The Corniche holds many shopping options such as gold souk, souks cum designer shops and a variety of both traditional and fast food restaurants and cafes. Some of the traditional restaurants on the beach side showcase their folk dance to enhance the charm of your meal. To add more essence of traditionalism, hook yourself in the shisha corners to enjoy the taste of Arabian culture and gaze at the stunning corniche view. More interestingly, get a chance to spot dolphins which are popular and common off the coast of Ajman. Ajman Fort Ajman fort is definitely an architectural marvel. So, when in Ajman, experience the feeling of being in a mansion. The fort was built in the late 18th century, but shelled by the British warships. At some time in the past, the fort was also home to the ruling families of Ajman. The fort is often described as the citadel of Ajman. Materials like Coral stones of the sea and gypsum have been used, whereas for the ceiling, special tree trunks were imported from East Africa. The fort has a huge arc made of honey coloured sandstones on top of its beautifully decorative gates. Al Zorah Nature

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