Descriptive Essay About Baseball

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On November 1st at 6:20 pm on a breezy Wednesday night, the world renown World Series is broadcasting game seven at a local Chili’s. It’s the Houston Astros vs the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. I expect yelling, beer spilling, obnoxious girls that know nothing about baseball, but they actually don’t, so they yell stupid stuff at the TV, and I expect to see die hard baseball fans that care about this sport. I also predict that the whole bar area was going to be jam packed. Watching a baseball game surrounded by other people that know and love the sport is almost as good as it gets to see it live at a stadium. I’m sure that all of the fans in the bar wanted to go see the game in person, but the tickets were sold out and they started at six-thousand dollars when the tickets first came out. The energy in the bar that night was going to be at an all time high.
I am with Melissa, my beautiful girlfriend, and we are visiting Chili’s for my observation. Before you walk into Chili’s you see this monstrous red chili outside just in case you forgot where you are at. When you walk into the Chili’s bar area you are instantly greeted by the hostess that would escort your to your seat. The hostess’ name is Tori and she is a short hispanic, teenager that is very nice. Tori asks, “Is it just two for the night?” I say, “Yes” and then she asks, “Where would you guys like to sit?” I tell her, “In the bar, preferably in a booth please,” then she put it in the system and proceeded to

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