Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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Basketball: countless hours spent in the gym, sweat dripping off my body, aches in every muscle, and the normal handful of ibuprofen swallowed with dinner at seven thirty at night, shower, do homework, fall asleep, and then wake up the next day just to do it all over again. This is a sport that I played for many years, with many friends, and many different coaches and mentors. This is a sport that became a passion, and a passion that became a lifestyle. For years basketball was my everything; eat, sleep, and play. Three words that I had stickered on my bedroom wall, along with pictures, practice jerseys, and even a seven-foot-tall nerf basketball hoop that would echo the sounds of a game all night until my parents said I had to be quiet. From the age of 8 basketball was all I knew, all I loved. However, the sport changed as I grew and so did I. Middle school practices were exhilarating and what I looked forward to throughout the entire school day. I would go home, eat dinner and pack a bag with two water bottles and my shoes, ready to go out the door long before it was time. Then finally, all the parents would drop us off in the evening as the sun was setting and we all walk in the gym with energy and excitement to practice and play against one another. I lace up my shoes way tighter than needed as if I may lose them and begin to shoot around with all my teammates, my friends. Practice is fun, we do drills, work on our shooting and dribbling, and end the night with a

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