Descriptive Essay About My House

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Living in a city can make you forget the outside world. You forget about the green grass, the trees, the chirping birds, the animals, and so many other things the world has to offer. We also forget the people who came before us, who did so much for us, who built everything we have today. We’re so busy doing stuff that is unimportant, that we forget about the stuff that is. Getting a house in Connecticut, made me realize all these things. It made me more in touch with nature and history. I got my country house about 8 years ago, and I think it changed me for the better. On Sindall Road, in Cheshire, Connecticut there is a blue house with white shudders, it stands partly on a hill, and was built many years ago. The living room has huge wooden beams that lay across the ceiling. The bedrooms are not big, but not small, as appropriate to the time period that the house was built. The ceilings are very low, and the stairways are very steep. The house has different pieces of furniture that are from different time periods. There is a brook running by and on the other side is a river. I saw the house for the first time after buying it. We drove up in the gravel driveway, and got out of the car, it was one day before my birthday, so I guess you could say that it was an early birthday present. The first thing I said after looking around a bit was, “I think I’ll need a GPS to find my way around this house!” My parents laughed, and I was able to find my way…eventually. As I explored I

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