Descriptive Essay About Pablo Picasso

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Shocking my oversized three-dollar boots with the recently damp medieval floor, I could hear the high-pitched clapper from the closest cathedral warning us:we were late. Following my grandmother, I used my aged leather handbag as a barrier to the falling water drops, while rapidly climbing the stairs to the Museo de Sofía.We were at a heritage travelling experience in the city my grandmother lived years ago, and she wanted to show me how different life would be. She wanted to show me how the antique architecture was filled with modern decorations; she wished for me to experience Pablo Picasso’s homeland. Yet, on that rainy day, in my first visit to a Picasso exposition, I couldn’t see the well honored geniality people talked about. I recognized some colours tendency as an expression of his life period, the shattered spaces filled with matte cubicles that decipher his creative expression, yet I couldn’t feel the passion all the other tourists felt. I couldn’t notice the inspiration of the paintings, I couldn’t picture the vision he was trying to show, I couldn’t recognize his point of view. I couldn’t understand Picasso. Although I couldn’t understand …show more content…

At the end of last year, I witnessed an episode of domestic abuse in my house and discovered about its frequency. Nobody could answer my questions and the instability formulated new questions for the other ones, I was feeling lost and hopeless.Although one of my most loving relative was almost extinct from my life, I lost my innocence in the world. I could now evaluate decisions on good and bad sides, having realist points on each one.Therefore I changed my social and political view, started to write again, to make poems about the reflection of machism on society, and then I was able to help other women get help getting out of abusive

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