Descriptive Essay About Puerto Rico

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One of the most interesting and exciting places I have had the pleasure of visiting was the Island of Puerto Rico. Getting on the plane and arriving on the island was the easy part, but learning to navigate the island and getting reliable transportation was a whole other ball game.
Once I got off the plane and exited the airport I knew I was going to face some challenges with transportation. The island is small, but is home to 3.6 million people so it is very crowded and busy. If you have ever been to New York City and waited for the train at a subway station that is what leaving the San Juan airport was like. I had not thought to set up a taxi or bus service before I arrived so I began to walk away from the airport. Eventually I made it to a bus stop. As I was waiting for the bus I noticed that people were not very cautious while driving. Small dilapidated vehicles were swerving in and out of lanes while blowing on their horns and the public transportation followed suit. By the time the bus arrived I was almost positive walking would have been a safer route to my hotel room, but I hesitantly got on the bus. The buses cost one U.S dollar to ride any were in the city of San Juan but they do not accept dollar bills, I did not have coins on me. Thankfully the bus driver was very kind and let me ride for free.
The trip to the hotel room was about an eight-mile journey, which took almost two hours to complete. As I sat on an unfamiliar bus in a strange new city I began to

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