Descriptive Essay About Tattoos

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All summer long I had an obsession to get a tattoo, but had to wait until I was finished going to the beach or on the boat. My only problem was where to actually put it on my body. Some ideas were to have it done on my back, side hip or leg. For hours I looked on every website I could find to decide what design I actually wanted and where it would look exceptional on me. A design of an evil eye caught my attention. The evil eye was a symbol which I always connected with. The symbol itself means protected from evil and harm. This was the design I wanted. It just screamed my name. The tattoo company I selected is located in Brick, New Jersey. Their artist is exceptional and I chose a guy named Jason. He had a book with all the previous tattoos he had done and I loved the style of his art. The appointment with Jason was scheduled for a few days later. I was so nervous and worried about whether I would actually like the tattoo once it was done since I knew it was going to be a permanent feature of my body. I stressed about what if he made a mistake or made it too little or too large. What if it got ruined by not putting enough cream on it afterwards or got infected. So many wild thoughts ran through my mind. I almost backed out of the appointment. Nonetheless, the day of the appointment arrived on a Tuesday in August. My mother came with me since you needed a parent to give permission to get a tattoo if you are under the age of eighteen. Jason made me

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