Descriptive Essay About Waves

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The waves are starting to rise, gaining it strength to do some damage. People on the shore, their eyes had gotten wider as the waves are getting closer. They had started to panic, quickly gathering their things and holding their love ones’ hand, tightly, so they won’t get captured by the waves. Scouting like little fire ants, looking for homes, shelter, or anything that protects us from this massive waves; however, they realized they’re unable to control the speed. Everything that has been touch by the waves had been diminish, wiping away inch by inch was once our home. The waves needed prisoners, so they fuel their speed. People had tried to rescue others on the beach, but it was too late, they’re now the wave’s prisoners. Capturing dozens of people all at once and dragging them in the sea. They’re forever drowning, carrying their sorrow and fear with them. River flowing down from their eyes to their cheeks as they seeing their love ones is getting sweep away. It’s hard to imagine, never thought this day would come, never thought it would be the last day of seeing their face. But are they really gone or are they trapped? Having my curiosity had me wander; I didn’t realize I was standing in the water for so long. I feel the water rising up to my waist,

There’s a time and a place that everyone wish that their life would be easy and not facing any obstacles. However, I wish it was that easy and have a genie that would popped out of the bottle, granted me three wishes so I

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