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I walk towards my mom's white toyota where my mom waits for me. She has a grim expression on her face but at the moment I don't notice it. I collapse into the passenger seat and look behind me to see that my sister wasn't here today. I assume that her friends mom picked her up from school that day as my mom drives out of the school parking lot. “How was your day?” despite her gloomy mood she fights to keep a smile and start our day to day conversations where we wrap up our days on the way back home. Still oblivious to what's going on I answer with complaints about the day not going fast enough for my liking. My mom just listens to me patiently, which is unlike her since she usually throws in her own comments every now and then. We already arrive to our apartment complex and we walk towards our door and inside i'm greeted with my moms friend that I usually don't see often. Surprised I greet her and my excited younger sister glad to have us back home. “How are you?” My moms friend asks and i quickly search through my memories to remember her name. “I'm good, Geri thank you” I answer back politely and take a seat next to her on the couch rather than do my usual after school routine. Geri and have small talk till my mom joins us and takes over the conversation. I notice that they are speaking to each other on soft tones not the usual type of conversation that my mom has with her friends that often everyone laughing and speaking loudly to each other. Geri soon decides to

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