Descriptive Essay : I Hate Dogs

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I hate dogs.

Any type of dogs. It has been a nightmare for me to see a dog on the street or hear a canine howling during the night on a full moon. Many people say I’m cruel and heartless to hate dogs. They say hate is a strong word. But I think hate is the correct word to describe the filthy creatures.

I’m a dog hater. No one can change me.

For two years, I lived in a small apartment. Not a big fancy apartment but a small beat up apartment on the side of a trash area of the town. My mom and I live on 5th Avenue in Maine. It’s usual for me to spend my whole day in my room and stare out into space thinking about nothing.

One night I was thinking deeply again. My mind drifted off towards the same incident again. I tried driving it off
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That dog was a straight up murderer, I’ll never forgive dogs.

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I’m all jittery and excited. A warm fuzzy feeling crawled over my body, for the first time in many months. My mom was coming back from the groceries with a sweet cake that we rarely can afford. I waited on the moth eaten couch staring out the window. The sky was a brilliant blue with a light cool autumn breeze. The apartment was its usual quiet self with the beaten look and mold odor wavering in the air. It felt like ages when my mom came back holding the cake and even a big present. “Woah! You even got me a gift?” I asked enthusiastically. My mom beamed down on me as I began to unwrap the gift quickly. Just then the box began to move. I stepped back looking fearful. I knew my mom wouldn’t pack anything wild in the room. I was already the wild animal in the building. I begin to look at the lid and blanched. Inside was a small white fluff ball. I looked at my mom scowling deeply. “What is this,” I asked her my stomach churning. She ducked her dead and busied herself with the cake. I peered in the box and a small furry head popped out. I thought to myself it was either a white dog or an overgrown rat. I shuffled across the floor and stared at the dog with pure hatred. The little white puppy stumbled out of the box and sneezed. Flurries of white fur flew like snow. I crossed my arms and stomped to my mom. “Why would you bring a beast that killed him, mom?”
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