Descriptive Essay On A Masquerade Of Life

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The Masquerade of Life It was late at night and the lights were dim. It was darker under the table. I always felt safe there when they went at it. The words going back and forth as I covered my brother’s ears. His tears were streaming down his face as we sat there trembling as the storm raged on. Noises loud as lightning echoed through the house as things flew. Words hitting like thunder on my ears. Tears were falling down my face like raindrops and we sat there huddled and afraid without anyone to help us through this storm. I looked down at my brother and tried to wear a fake mask of courage, despite the fact that I am a coward, I looked at him and told him I wouldn't let anything hurt him, although at the first chance I got I planned on saving only myself. Dad got me a present for the first time in years. I was so happy I was practically jumping up and down. I began to rip and pull at the paper just trying to get at whatever lay below. I found it and was saddened as I looked upon another ball, my dad knew I hated sports. He looked down on me with a smile, it instilled me with fear for I knew he never smiled. He asked me if I wanted to go outside. It always meant that I had to go outside, even when I didn't want to. He showed me a tire. And pointed at it. He told me to throw the ball at it. I tried, but couldn't hit it. I tried and tried and tried again, but I couldn't, his smile disappeared. He stared down at me. He always had that face when he was mad. He began to

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