Descriptive Essay On Baseball

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“Are you ready to go out there on the ball field today?” said my father. “I love watching you play the sport you love,” I just woke up in a great mood ready to play some baseball. Baseball is probably one of my favorite sports and I never want to stop playing the sport. But today was the day I watch someone crank a home run and I realized that it was my dream to do that. Just thinking about people standing up cheering and my team just coming out to home plate and cheering and taping me. And also the best time on baseball is when you hear the ball and bat make contact. And I was hoping that today was that day...

I was walking up to home plate, pretty nervous because it was my first time up to bat all day. “Whooshh” as the baseball goes flying by me. “STRIKE” So after that pitch I started swinging at most of them. I love the high pitches but one this one i layed off on one high pitch, then right after that there was an even higher pitch way over my head and I swung. I swung as hard as i can. I heard the ball connect to the bat and its sounded amazing. It swung my arms after that but i still felt great after hitting that one. When i made contact with the ball I looked up and seen that the ball was going over the fence. I was smiling around the bases and once I hit third base i seen everyone in the stands clapping and standing up. I was so happy at this moment and hoped another one came soon. All my teammates come out to the home plate to smack my helmet. So once I touched

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