Descriptive Essay On Living In A Room

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Living in a Dorm Room While most freshman choose to live in a dorm room their first year of college, there can be some negative and positive outcomes when living with someone else. It can be hard to cope with the other person or it can be easy to cope with the other person you are sharing a room with. Sometimes on the other hand, it can easily become dramatically annoying, difficult, and disruptive to others in the room, like I think it did to me. Although I do believe living in a dorm can be much of a transformation from living in a house, every college student, like I did last year, has to experience the part of living in a dorm. Or experience being in a dorm room at one point during their college experience, if he/she chooses to go the college route. Last year, while living in a college dorm at my other college before I became a transfer student, I had to share my room with one other girl that was a thrower in Track and Field, who was all muscle and about a foot taller than me topping off at probably 6’3”. I was terrified of her, if I did something wrong or if I said something wrong in general, she would have probably kicked my butt, literally. So, I decided from the first time I saw her to keep things to myself and mind my own opinion, of course not telling her my point of view on everything she did wrong, because I did not want to get hurt. It all started when she never cleaned up after herself, which made it very easy for me to become annoyed by her and

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