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Generally, at The Arc, we like to think that we’re ahead of the curve, but it seems like our summer 2017 vacation destination was right on trend, Portugal. The Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto were on everyone’s list, Instagram feed, and mind. The country has been a long time favorite vacation destination of Europeans, with the Algarve being the ultimate stop. For those unfamiliar, it runs the southern coast of the country and is home to many of its most picturesque beaches. Think sweeping cliffs, pristine blue water and this compounded with over 300 days of sun annually, how did it take North Americans so long to discover?

Landing in Faro with stops in Olhao and Lagos, we were looking forward to experiencing a little more than the beach. We’re …show more content…

After a survey of its offerings, we picked up sardines, clams, special Portuguese greens (that had a mild resemblance to kale) and an array of fresh produce.

Cooking in a rental or Airbnb kitchen can certainly pose some challenges, dull knives, flimsy plastic cutting boards and certainly no mandolin in sight, but it can push creativity and force one to look for outside inspiration, which in our case was very literal.

The little house was on a small plot of land where chickens grazed and was home to a wide variety of plant life. We rolled up our sleeves and did a little backyard foraging. Our salad dressing included grape juice straight from the vine and local honey from the owner’s apiary that he had left as a gift. The herb sauce that garnished our vegetables included fresh almonds plucked from the tree.

In the midsummer Algarvian dusk, we feasted on grilled sardines, steamed clams, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, stewed greens, simple green salad and fresh bread. A meal and a trip that will be remembered beyond far beyond any of the coast’s Michelin starred restaurants.

If you should be so inspired on your next holiday to do a little cooking here are some tips and simple

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