Descriptive Essay On The Unrest After A Storm

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The Calm After a Storm
A soft ocean breeze flutters past me, leaving strands of hair splayed across my freckled face. The salty smell of sea invades my mouth as my breathing syncs to the rhythm of waves hitting the shore. Eyes closed, the sound of water fills my head with memories of when I was a young girl. When I was seven years old, I realized life has no mercy, life is not fair. Carelessly flowing through time, life washes over those who expect it the least. Vulnerable and alone, I became prey to life’s endeavours. It came crashing into me and destroyed who I was and who I wanted to be. With water-soaked clothes and tear-streaked cheeks, I returned home with the knowledge that life had taken something from me, something vital - my hope. * * * * * Magnificent, heavenly light filters through the wispy clouds, signifying a new day. The thin clouds drift apart, presenting a beautiful sky above. Speaking out to me, the sky seems to know every one of my thoughts, dreams, and darkest fears. The sky is a canvas of light, creating a new picture every few seconds. A picture blooms beyond the expanse of sky. Weaving a story through the delicate clouds, the colors spread before me, stunning and simple. Pink hues morph into vibrant purples as they blend with the beautiful blues.
The glittering stretch of sea shines before my eyes. With every new wave, the light whispers promises of riches and sparkling diamonds. The gentle breeze that kisses the sea sends the twinkling light

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