Descriptive Essay : The Dangers Of A Day At The Beach

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Big white and blue sail boat across the salty water traveling east of the shoreline. Sun bouncing off the water and reflected on the hotel windows. Waves crashing up on shore while feet buried in the white, wet, hot sand. Crabs crawling in the grains of sand chomping on the tips of toes. Wood cracking as millions of people walk across it to reach the beach. Little boy complains to his mom about carrying all the beach chairs and buckets out to their tent on the beach. Most everyone has somewhere they go to escape reality. The beach is great therapy to regain self-awareness, release stress that is causing trouble, and erase life obligations at the moment.
Blue sparkling water fluttering like a blue brochure. Looking out to sea dolphins flipping around like jumping popcorn. Milky clouds gazing above shaped like castles or hearts and others like puffy soft cotton ball. Laughter echoing where sand castles are forming into holes. Seagulls all around flying above squealing, begging for food. Old couple to the right rubbing suntan lotion on each other’s back. The bottle becomes empty and makes a splatting sound. Girls in bikinis feel the briny water splashing on sun kissed skin. Tiny sand grains sliding between the cracks of wrinkly fingers like pouring sugar. A tangy sea breeze drifting through the air as a strong stench oozing from a deceased fish as if the fish were one hundred days old.
People poured out of condos and started taking advantage of the gift God created. Family

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