Descriptive Story Of A Tornado

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Jimmy Serrano and his Friend Dustin Trung are biking their way home. Jimmy was mad at Dustin for not talking to him for the past week. “Dustin can you please talk to me. Dustin looks away from Jimmy and focuses his eyes on his spinning tires. “You know what don’t want to talk to you either. Jimmy takes the other way home,leaving Dustin still going the normal way. “Stupid Dustin” Jimmy mutters then suddenly a cat walks in front of Jimmy's bike and Jimmy swerves into a wall. “Awwwwww” Jimmy mutters, he looks at the alley walls painted with Graffiti. It starts raining,the rain splatters the ground so hard that he couldn't hear himself. The streets ahead of him start filling with fog. Then suddenly Jimmy sees a swirling cloud circling above. Dustin was at home he wanted to see where Jimmy was. Dustin looked at his phone it started ringing. The words read, TORNADO WARNING GET IN YOUR HOUSES,AND TAKE COVER NOW. Dustin’s heart started pounding.”MOM,There’s a tornado.” then he remembered his mom said she would be working late. Dustin grabbed his coat,and put on his shoes and went out the door. It was very windy,and the rain was deafening. He could barely see ten steps in front of him. It looked like the air was polluted. The streets were flooded with water as he could barely walk.Dustin managed to see the alley,he tried to walk to the alley but the water was weighing him down. It was like a river,Dustin tried to stand up but then the water surged and he was rushed downhill with

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