Desdemona And Emilia In Othello Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello, Emilia is a conflicted character and full of contradiction—On one hand she is represented as a typical woman figure during the 16th century who is expected to obey her husband everything. On the other hand, she is a strong woman who bravely speaks her mind up, and not wholly loyal to her husband as the play moves forward. Emilia is a key character since Shakespeare raises aspect of feminism through her action and words. In addition Emilia’s speech reveals the central issue of marriage commitment in this play.
Moreover, Emilia’s actions and speeches contribute to the way of thinking about the commitments of marriage, she also brings the idea of human cognition and its weakness. Throughout the play, it is obvious that the character of Desdemona and Emilia embody two different types of female figure: Desdemona is a highborn woman sheltered from the cruel world, unlike Emilia, who is in a lower position and more worldly wise. Thus, this kind of difference is reflected in their attitudes towards the sanctity of marriage and women’s status. When Desdemona wonders if there are women who have affairs, Emilia argues the possibility of a justified marital infidelity to shake Desdemona from her idealistic and self-blame mindset, but the wrong is not only women’s fault. She says “their husbands’ fault if wives do fall. / say that they slack their duties,” (4.3.84). Emilia is questioning the inequality between men and women, and how it is the
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